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30 Days of Loving Nature


Finding solace & deepening connection with Nature


A self-paced programme with support forum

Ongoing 50% discount offer price (£45), ends September 1st

​In this modern world, many of us find ourselves with insufficient human contact, except via digital screens. While video calls and conferencing may give us some semblance of connection, there is plenty of research showing that too much screen time is linked with depression, poor health and increased mortality. I don’t know about you, but I also find too much screen time gives me eye strain, back ache, a feeling in my nervous system of being ‘wired’ and buzzing in my ears, not to mention feelings of frustration and irritation at times. 


Time connecting with nature, on the other hand, is the perfect antidote for all of this. It soothes, calms and comforts us. 

What can Nature-connection do for me?


There’s a wealth of academic research evidence showing that nature has hugely positive benefits on our health and well-being. Being in a natural environment reduces stress and soothes our body chemistry, affecting not only our mood, but also our endocrine, nervous and immune systems.  It lowers our blood pressure, heart rate and muscular tension and reduces the production of stress hormones. Some public health researchers have claimed that it may reduce mortality rates.

Research done in public settings like hospitals, schools and workplaces has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a significant  positive impact on stress, anxiety and the recovery process. Other research studies suggest that nature inspires feelings that connect us with one another, as well as our environment.

This 30 Days of Loving Nature course is designed for you whether you live in a city, town or in countryside, whether or not you have a garden, and whether or not you can go outdoors.

Deepening our connection with Nature soothes, heals, restores and connects us. 

This course is for you if you feel at all anxious, stressed, depressed, or perhaps isolated and lonely

It's for you if you're fed up with so much screen time and want to develop a healthier routine

It’s for you if you’re longing for more relaxation, calm and a feeling of connection, or belonging

And it's for you if you'd simply love to deepen your connection with the natural world


Especially for those of us who have limited physical human contact, connecting with nature can fulfill a deep human need for connection. When we can go outside, making contact with the earth, sitting beneath a tree, or next to a body of water literally soothes and steadies our nervous system in the same way that a long human hug does.


Deepening your connection with nature aligns you with the ultimate source of well-being, enriching and enlivening your journey through life.

Why shouldn't I just go outside, why do I need a 30 Day programme?


The most important reason for a 30-Day programme, or journey, is that in order to develop a new habit or routine, you need repetition. Deep connection and alignment with nature rarely happens all by itself. To receive the full benefits, this connection must be consciously created with guidance and encouragement from me (and others) and commitment (from you). 


By the end of the 30 Days, you will have developed a depth of connection with nature that you’re unlikely to have experienced before. The participants in my first run of this course included several forest school leaders and life-long lovers of nature. And even they told me they found the course gave them some new insights, practices and routines that enhanced their love and connection with nature.



Features of this 30-day journey:


  • You’ll explore your own innocent loving nature and the gifts of your ancestors.

  • You’ll develop a Sit-spot practice that will underpin the whole journey.

  • You’ll look into nature as your Mirror.

  • You’ll develop a nature-connected gratitude or thanksgiving practice.

  • You’ll spend time tuning into each of your senses, including your inner felt-sense, allowing these to be your guidance system for your connection with nature.

  • You’ll learn about the origins of thanksgiving and explore gratitude as a practice for deepening your nature connection.

  • You’ll explore the four elements of nature and the western wisdom traditions.

  • You’ll then connect more deeply with different beings associated with the four elements, while weaving in some other tools for deepening nature connection: art, poetry, photography, making offerings and research. 

  • You’ll explore your sense of all-oneness, being an inseparable part of the living system of Gaia.

  • You’ll take a glimpse into working with inner/outer archetypal landscapes.

  • And you’ll end the journey by giving back to our Earth, creating an outdoor mandala altar, as well as bringing a Nature gratitude practice into your home.

  • The course is hosted on an easy to use learning platform where you can work through it at your own pace and will have access to all of the materials and practices for life. 


Who this is for?


  • Nature lovers who want to deepen their connection with the natural world

  • You- if you know you need to get out more often and would benefit from encouragement to do so

  • You- if you’re curious to experience all the benefits that a deepening connection with nature can bring

  • You- if you’re willing to spend up to half an hour a day for, 30 Days, reading the session materials and trying the practices (in or near your own home)

  • You- if you’d love to experience the soothing, solace and support that nature has to offer, wherever you are

​Who isn’t this for?


If you can’t commit to a 30 day exploration (which could, by the way, be done at your own pace, over 60, or 90, or more days, if you prefer)  then you might prefer to try one of my occasional 5-day taster challenges. If so, please drop me a line and I’ll let you know when this is next available.


If you’re looking for one-to-one guidance or support then this programme may not be for you as the support happens through a group discussion forum (with regular input from me). If one-to-one is really what you’re looking for then please get in touch. I’m happy to offer you a complimentary nature-inspired coaching session, so you can experience it for yourself before committing to working with me.


​My risk-free promise for you:


Here are three reasons I’m confident that you’ll benefit from this programme:


  • The testimonials below from satisfied participants in the very first run of this course in May 2020 speak for themselves.


  • I’ve followed up with some of those course participants and listened to their more in-depth feedback and refined the programme, taking into account what they felt worked really well and what wanted to see more, or less of..


  • If you follow the complete programme, take an active part in the discussion forum and ask me any questions you like during the journey, but aren’t satisfied that you have deepened your connection with nature by the end of the journey, then you can have your money back.




"I've loved these 30 days, it's brought an extra dimension and many other perspectives to my daily walks in nature. I can see myself continuing to use some of these practices as a resource ongoing. Many thanks and good luck with your work. It really has helped me feel closer to nature" Dave


"I've so enjoyed these 30 days with new insights and awareness raising as well as reconnecting with practices I've let lapse. A huge amount of work in creating this, a skillful teaching and a lovely flow. Thank you." Andrea


"Thank you very much, I have treasured every practice. Gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom" Natercia


What a journey. Thank you so much. There is something very special about sharing thoughts & feelings in this way....I have been shown & reminded that I am not alone in this journey :-)... " we are all just walking one another home"  Anita


“I really enjoyed the '30 days of Loving Nature'.I feel as though the timing of this adventure was lined up with the stars for me. I'm definitely someone who benefits from a little discipline to nudge me into practice and having a guided reawakening to nature has been magical and a gift. Meaningful rituals are important to us as humans and this journey has helped and nourished me during this extraordinary time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.” Jennie


“The flow of the journey has been wonderful and even just reading the practices to have in my mind each day and the little parts that I have done with children in tow, I have really felt the benefit and the connection and the support. Thank you so very much” Robyn


“Many thanks Karen, Your 30 days have really structured my days.  Tremendous amount of work clearly gone into the course. Thank you” Gordon

​​Enroll and pay at the button below now and get immediate access to this powerful nature-connection programme




For a one-off fee of £90 (the price of a coffee a day for 30 days) (see here for your own currency) you’ll get life-time access to the full course and exclusive membership of the online Loving Nature Community where you’ll meet your fellow travellers and course participants. Community members will also benefit from occasional ‘Facebook lives’

and Q & A support sessions with me.


​Please get in touch if you have any questions at all. N.B. If you really feel a call to do this work and can't afford the standard rate, please contact me to explore other options.


With warmest wishes


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