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Nature-based Services for Resilience and Wellbeing

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​My workshops and events often include the following elements:


  • guiding you through practices and perspectives drawn from systems science, deep ecology, and spiritual traditions that reconnect you to the larger circle of Life

  • awakening your resilience to live courageously, in full awareness of the great uncertainty of these times

  • helping you identify the strengths and resources you can draw upon in your commitment to the healing of our world and your place in it

  • presenting the uncertainty of our times as an adventure that every one of us, in collaboration with others, is fully capable of rising to meet and face in our own unique way


Participants in face-to-face and online workshops often tell me that they experience a huge sense of gratitude for the miracle of being alive at this uncertain time in human history. Far from depressing one another, sharing our concerns for the world usually brings a huge sense of relief and lightness, since the energy it takes to hold our feelings inside can be exhausting. 


When we  view all of life as a mystery and connect with our deep gratitude for this life then it’s natural to also grieve for what we see is happening across our planet including: the pandemic, social injustice, climate crisis, massive loss of biodiversity and rainforest destruction. When we're offered space to name and give expression to what troubles us, it can open our eyes to our sense of interconnection, which in turn moves us to take inspired action to protect, restore and regenerate what we love. This journey brings us full circle, back to our gratitude. 


This process is known as the spiral of the Work That Reconnects, with four distinct stages that naturally lead from one to the next, and is a foundation piece of our facilitation work with clients.


I have over 30 years’ experience of running  workshops and bespoke training programmes for corporate, public sector and third sector organisations, as well as grass-roots community groups.  In addition to offering open public workshops, I work with clients to design bespoke staff development workshops, that meet their strategic needs and learning objectives. 


Over the years, my facilitation offering has evolved, drawing on a comprehensive body of nature-connection practices, including the Work That Reconnects, to bring you into deeper connection with yourself, one another and the regenerative powers of the web of Life. I often collaborate with experienced associates who are aligned with this approach and share the nature-informed values that inform this enriching work. I am also a core member of the Work That Reconnects Facilitator Crew within Extinction Rebellion UK and co-ordinate a small group of facilitators in Wales who offer free and by-donation  workshops and trainings for activists in Wales.  I am currently running a series of two-day workshops for Welsh Government staff (some of whose testimonials appear on this page). I also run open public workshops online, and am now engaging participants from across the globe.

Whether the workshop is just an hour long, or a whole day, or longer, participants regularly go forward  with a strengthened sense of their own resilience and a commitment to clear action, however large or small that may be.


Here is some feedback from recent workshop participants from Welsh Government:


The most nourishing part of the day for me was the coming together of individuals with deeply felt empathy towards the planet, shared concerns and compassion. A sense of safety and belonging. “


“For me, the most rewarding part was to really get in touch with what I am called to do at this time- and what I will need to do within myself in order to sustain that.”


“I feel calm, connected and spacious. It was therapeutic. I am amazed how well it worked with Zoom. Thank you

Please go to Services & Events for details of upcoming open workshops. And do get in touch in any of the usual ways if you'd like to book an obligation-free conversation about how we could co-design a bespoke nature-based workshop for your company, organisation, or community group. 



Meet Amelia


“This has been wonderful, like sparkling light on water.  I am finding a strengthening. Comfort means ‘with strength’ -not heroic, but coming from connection with people. 

Amazing that you made this happen online with Zoom."

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