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Beautiful Activism

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Inspiring examples of the Great Turning- the conscious revolution of our time


My clients, whether they work with me as individuals, or as part of a community group, or organisation, travel on a journey with me, exploring what truly matters in their lives and in the world around them. And at a certain point they often find themselves being naturally moved towards taking creative inspired action

It’s natural to want to care for and protect what we love so deeply. But where do we begin?

The impulse to leave the world a better place than it is now, to create a better life for our descendants, and make a positive difference in some way, is a calling that doesn’t easily let go once it’s taken a hold of you.

This can take the form of standing up and being counted as a voice against the destructive forces in our world, which we call ‘Holding Actions’. Or, you may feel more drawn to contributing to a regenerative or restorative project, or a cultural shift. And just as vital as both these kinds of actions is a commitment to growing your consciousness and creating a more ethical life, aligned with your deepest values.

There are numerous possible ways to take action, as unique to every one of us. We don’t recommend any actions in particular, but rather walk alongside you as you deepen your own integrity, authenticity and ‘right action’ in the world.

People often ask what inspires me and influences my work. So here are a few examples of initiatives that I’ve been involved in, and inspired by, which I see as contributing to the ‘Great Turning’ or, as Charles Eisenstein puts it: ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’. I hope you may find some of these inspiring too.

Holding Actions

These are but two beautiful examples of global initiatives that aim to slow down, and hopefully stop, some of the more destructive aspects of Western civilisation’s impacts on the natural world:

Stop Ecocide:Change the Law

The Stop Ecocide campaign was founded in 2017 by the late visionary lawyer, Polly Higgins, and environmental activist Jojo Mehta. Their mission is to establish the destruction of ecosystems as an international crime, in order to prevent further devastation to life on Earth

Project Drawdown

Drawdown’s mission is to help the world reach a point where greenhouse gases that cause climate change stop climbing and start to steadily decline, creating a safer more sustainable future for our immediate descendants. They do this by researching, analysing and promoting the top global climate solutions across different sectors.

Restorative and Regenerative Cultures

Uncertainty is something that many of us struggle to live comfortably with. In truth, we can't know for sure whether humanity will succeed in creating a more beautiful future or whether things will carry on unraveling and getting worse.

Perhaps this not knowing is the very fuel we need to galvanise us into taking action together and giving it our best shot, for the sake of all that is precious to us. Here is a tiny glimpse of the countless initiatives that are contributing to a brighter possible future. We're talking quality, not quantity here:


TreeSisters is a global movement, founded by Clare Dubois, that's inspiring a restoration revolution in which it becomes normal for everyone to protect and restore themselves and the world. They are rapidly accelerating tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.

A few other regenerative pioneers I want to mention (and you may like to look them up) include: Bioneers, Pachamama Alliance; Presencing Institute; Global Optimism; Resurgence & Ecologist magazine; Emergence Magazine; Rewilding Europe; Global Ecovillage Network.

Growing Consciousness or Awakening

At this quickening time in human history, cutting-edge science is pointing in the same direction as ancient spiritual and indigenous wisdom traditions. They both highlight the radical interconnectedness, or oneness, of all life as a single vast living web of consciousness. Whatever name we choose to give to this, there are possibly as many ways to explore the web of Life as there are human beings in the world. We can perhaps best explore this by going within, with the guidance and support of a trusted teacher or spiritual leader.

Here are a few of my favourite sources of inspiration and guidance for exploring the realms of growing consciousness and connection:

Work That Reconnects

This beautiful body of practices, founded by philosopher and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy, has developed over the last five decades and supported tens of thousands of activists around the world. Karen trained with Joanna in 2013 and runs Work That Reconnects workshops in-person and online. The first link below takes you to the international network with a host of information and free resources and the second tells you about the beautiful wise Elder, Joanna Macy.

Some other brightly shining teachers, and thought leaders I have learned from and wish to gratefully acknowledge are: Joy Hicklin-Bailey of Secret Garden; Chris Johnstone and Jenny McKewn of Facilitation for Life on Earth; Charles Eisenstein; Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining); Otto Scharmer (Presencing Institute); Catherine Ingram and Bayo Akomolafe.

Beyond these few examples are an unfathomable number of local regenerative projects, bringing people together to build more resilient and connected communities. My collaborators and I have extensive knowledge of such initiatives and are always happy to support you in exploring what may light a spark of aliveness for you. Please get in touch if I can help you in this way.

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