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Can You Help Me Find This Person?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(Maybe it’s you?)

I’m looking for a very particular someone. Here’s how you’ll recognise them:

  • They’re troubled by the state of the world - nature and humanity

  • They’re concerned by the unraveling and turbulence they’re witnessing on so many fronts - climate, biodiversity, social, political and economic

  • And they feel frustrated that so few other people seem to share their perspective, least of all those in power

  • They feel sure that a more beautiful world is both essential and possible - if only more people would see that too and play their part in helping to bring it about.

So they keep on keeping on, despite all the odds, seeking better ways to create change in their own lives, while trying to influence others and protect the natural world they love so much.

This person has been trying to make a difference, make a meaningful contribution, for many years - through activism, their work, their art or writing, or perhaps through community action. They may have tried some inner work too - things like meditation, talking therapies, body work, healing practices and healthy living.

At times, all of their efforts seem to be in vain and it’s hard not to slip into hopelessness, despair, or escapism. The effort of pulling themselves up by the bootstraps again and again, and chipping away with their change-making projects gets wearing, if not soul-destroying, at times.

This person has always felt deep down that a more beautiful world was possible. They have some ideas about what that better world, that brighter future, might look and feel like and they have a yearning for it that just won’t let go of them.

You see, for this person it’s very uncomfortable trying to ‘fit-in’, to live and work in the dominant culture. It’s really painful and they may well rely on some guilty pleasures to take the edge off a bit. The modern world is increasingly intolerable for them and they’re so tired of having to put on a role, a suit, a mask to try and squeeze themselves into the wrong shape, just to get by.

Now, they may or may not have noticed that they feel at their best when they’re outdoors in Nature. Going camping, or walking, sitting under a tree, or next to a river, lake, or ocean is nourishing and brings peace, solace and joy. Somehow, in the natural world, their troubles melt away and the mind’s endless whirring quietens. It’s a respite and refuge from the frantic world and there’s a deep sense that all is well.

For many years, or perhaps decades, this person may have had a barely conscious longing to live in a village, or simple tribal community, connected to the land and far far away from the madness of modern life. They may have had tastes of this simple lifestyle at festivals, retreats, or on holiday and wish that they could live that way permanently. They feel more relaxed, more alive and more truly themselves in such settings.

The thing is, they’ve already glimpsed the answer to their discomfort - as simple as it may seem. The answer is reconnection- with Nature, their tribe or community, and their authentic natural self. This reconnection brings that flow state of being they experience at retreats, festivals, in the forest and by the ocean. And they can have that consistently, not just for a week here and a weekend there - no matter where they live.

What gives me the confidence to make such a claim?

The person I describe here was me some years ago and I have clients with these same troubles and longings who’ve found a healing balm for what ails them. I re-discovered the incredible power of deeply connecting with, listening to, and being in Nature, after many decades of inner and outer explorations.

By practicing and growing our connection with Nature, we can tune in and receive her sustenance, wisdom and guidance. This brings a deeply rooted sense of purpose, with clarity of direction that fuels inspired, effective action, on behalf humanity, all beings and our Mother Earth.

Through being in Nature, connecting and listening, I’ve been inspired to create a powerful nature-based coaching model and my signature 30 Days of Loving Nature programme, with more offers emerging and on their way too. I’ve been trialling and testing these and receiving wonderful feedback from my clients about the benefits they’ve gained.

During September, I would like to give five complimentary nature-based coaching sessions to people who fit the description above. Places need to be booked by September 11th

There is no cost to this other than a commitment to fully show up for the session and be open to receiving the gifts it can bring.

If you know this person please share this post with them. Or, if this is you, please send me an email at: explaining why you would like one of the sessions. I look forward to sharing this gift with you.

Thank you and have a lovely day

Warm wishes,


Photo credit: Lukáš Vaňátko on Unsplash

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