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Can You Help Me Find This Person?

(Maybe it’s you?)

I’m looking for a very particular someone. Here’s how you’ll recognise them:

  • They’re troubled by the state of the world - nature and humanity

  • They’re concerned by the unraveling and turbulence they’re witnessing on so many fronts - climate, biodiversity, social, political and economic

  • They feel frustrated that so few other people seem to share their perspective, least of all those in power

  • They long for a more beautiful world that is kind, fair and just - if only more people would see that too and play their part in helping to bring it about.

So they keep on keeping on, despite all the odds, seeking better ways to create change in their own lives, while trying to influence others and protect the world they love so much.

This person has been trying to make a difference, perhaps making a meaningful contribution, for many years - through activism, their work, their art or writing, or perhaps through community action. They may have done some inner work too - things like meditation, talking thera