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The Potency of Nature-based Coaching

Updated: May 1, 2021

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

I recently published a blog post that answered the question ‘What exactly is nature-based coaching?’ (here) And I thought I’d say more here about who and what it’s good for.

While reviewing last year with Being in Nature, I noticed some common themes in the issues that my coaching clients have been bringing:

I’ve coached people of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities, and something I hear again and again is that they’re at a crossroads, or transition point, with what they want to offer in the world. They tell me they want to live more authentically, in closer alignment with what they love in life, which includes caring for the natural world.

Some clients have told me they’d like to do something similar to Being in Nature, and find their own ways to help people connect with nature more deeply. But, although they have a strong feeling about what they’d love to do, they’re not sure how best to go about it. They don’t know exactly what it might look like, or how they’ll sustain themselves as they make the transition from their current situation. This is true of people across the generations, from young people to those already in retirement, who feel they have much more yet to give.

I really know this. I grappled with the same dilemma myself for about seven years before finally stepping away from my worthwhile work in the voluntary sector, to create something even more meaningful and aligned with my values.

Two things I hear frequently from people who come to me is that they’re looking for more clarity about their next steps, and more confidence, or belief, in their ability to do what their heart is longing for.

They’re fed up with feeling dissatisfied. Even if they’re already doing good work, something feels out of kilter, some part of them feels unfulfilled and life feels monotonous, or wearing, or worse.

It’s as though there’s a constant background niggle to do something differently, something more meaningful that contributes to a kinder, ecologically flourishing world. Of course change can feel risky and there are often internal barriers, like lack of trust, confidence, clarity, or self-belief that can keep us stuck in an unfulfilling situation.

This is where nature-based coaching comes in. It supports us to overcome our real or imagined barriers, align with a deeper sense of purpose, and find a clear pathway to a more meaningful life.

In their own words, here is how nature-based coaching has benefitted some of my lovely clients:

“5 weeks after my coaching session with Karen, I have had time to reflect on the benefits. This was my first coaching session, and I was surprised at how Karen managed to cut through the busyness and distractions of life to help me identify where it was I felt I needed to be and what I needed to do next, at a deep level. The clarity, simplicity and manageable outcome from the session has enabled me to make time for the work that really matters to me and as a result, I have noticed an increase in my energy and sense of purpose and well being.” - Kate

"I've just had my first nature-based coaching session with Karen and it was a truly wonderful experience for me. During the session, I explored some areas where I seek improvement in my life, and thanks to Karen's guidance I found fresh perspectives on things that I've felt stuck on for a while. After the session I felt lighter, and also energised to take steps to make the improvements I would like to. I really loved Karen's warm and gentle approach and would encourage anyone to try a session." - Eliza

“I have received coaching before and this has sat somewhere much deeper for me rather than having to think each day what was the goal we had discussed. It is working bringing it into my meditation each day, it feels little and often and bit by bit embedding. I loved the imagery of the mycelium network, I have drawn on this a number of times in the week which has helped to ground and remind me of the support that I have available to draw from (which at times I can forget).” - Zoe

I offer spacious complimentary taster sessions of 75 minutes, so you have a full experience of nature-based coaching with me, to see whether it’s right for you. I promise there’s no sales pitch, or pressure to sign up for ongoing coaching during these sessions (as I really don't like manipulative, ‘salesy’ tactics).

If that one session is enough for you to make a shift you’re seeking, it’ll be my great pleasure. And if you’d then like to move forward together, we can schedule a separate call to explore working together for longer, so I can support and encourage you in making some real and lasting changes.

Most of my available coaching slots for March are now full, largely due to word of mouth, and I’m now taking bookings for April and currently have eight free slots available. Please drop me an email if you’d like to book one of these places..

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