My Vision...

I passionately believe that one of the most essential skills we can all learn, so that humanity and our living world can thrive, is to reconnect with Nature , to create and act on her behalf, as natural beings ourselves.


My vision is of a more beautiful world in which humanity takes its rightful place, living in life-affirming communities, as restorers and care-takers of the natural world. This vision asks each of us to heal our separation from the living web of Life. And for most of us this requires commitment, practice and the support of others.


Are you troubled by the state of our world and longing for a change to Business-as-Usual?

Do you wish society were kinder, fairer, and greener?

Do you feel called to make a difference, but lack real clarity about your direction, true calling, or purpose?

Are you looking for more fulfilment and meaning in the way you’re living, working and relating?

Would you love to deepen your connection with Nature?

If so, please read on to see if what I offer might be what you're looking for.

I work with people who feel a resonance with my vision, those who wish to become more aligned with their authentic nature and purpose and make a real difference in the world- people such as activists, change-makers, conscious leaders and ethical entrepreneurs. I love to meet people who are ready and willing to explore a spiral journey of growth and discovery, deeply rooted in and informed by Nature.

And here’s what else is possible on your journey with Being in Nature:


-You’ll feel energised to share your own unique gifts, with less self-doubt, or procrastination


-Your relationships will change as you become more grounded and able to speak your truth


-Your family will benefit as you grow and become more connected and rooted in natural ways of being, bringing them along with you

-Your ethical business, or work, will thrive as you align with your deepest values and integrity


-Your local community will be enriched as you take inspired action on behalf of thriving life, with the ripple effects inspiring others too


-The living ecosystems around you will flourish when you reconnect with your place in the living web and live more harmoniously with Nature


Working with individuals, entrepreneurs, communities and companies, I offer nature-based coaching, facilitated workshops and online events that deepen your connections with yourself, one another and Nature, which you're inseparable from. This work is enriching, enlivening and empowering.


I invite you to slow down, dive in and reconnect with Nature, to create simpler, more ethical ways of living, working and being. The reconnection you’ll find here brings peace, wellness and the resilience needed to sustain you and others in these turbulent times.


Please take a look at the services and events I offer and I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to book a complimentary session to explore whether what I offer is right for you.


With you in gratitude, 



"Thank you for another wonderful session!....... just to let you know I am completely excited about our sessions……… Thank you so much for being there for me, it is great to have such a wonderful coach" -     Geraldine, Washington D.C.