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Nature-based Coaching for Resilience and Wellbeing

Nature-based Coaching


Any keen gardener or nature-lover knows that in order to thrive plants need good conditions: rich soil, the right nutrients, water and sunlight. Using this analogy, we can draw on these principles, perfectly designed by Nature, to grow our own thriving life, beginning with the quality of our soil.


In addition to countless living nutrients and organisms, soil is built from dead and decaying matter. Applying this to your own personal growth, some powerful questions you might like to explore are:


  • What are you ready, or willing, to let go of in your life?

  • What do you need to leave behind? 

  • What needs to be allowed to die, to create the best 'soil' conditions for your new seeds of opportunity to germinate and grow?


This might include:

  • old habits, or behaviour patterns, that no longer serve you

  • a relationship, or friendship, that's draining, toxic, or has simply run its course

  • a job that's unfulfilling, or dead-end

  • habitual ways of thinking that cause anxiety, misery, or dis-ease

  • a home, or location that you’re ready to move on from

  • a feeling of emptiness, lostness, or confusion about your direction or purpose in life


This ‘letting go’ work is essential for any of us who would like our lives to flourish in a way that’s more sustainable, satisfying and successful.


When we’ve built our ‘soil’ by ‘composting’ what no longer serves us, we need to put down strong roots that ground us, keeping us steady as we begin sowing the seeds of our new hopes, dreams, wishes and intentions. 


Then we can explore how best to nurture and tend our seedlings, thinning out any that may not grow strong, and watering and feeding the ones we wish to harvest when the time is ripe.




Many coaches work with a simple framework, developed in the 1980s, called GROW (usually described as Goals, Reality, Options, Will, or Way Forward). I’ve worked with that model (and others) over the last two decades and it can certainly create great results for many people. Over time though, I’ve noticed that the results don’t always stick. The starting point of GROW- setting a goal or intended outcome- seems to me to rely strongly on a left-brain, problem-solving, performance-driven approach to coaching. And while this is fantastic for some people, it doesn’t suit everyone.


Over years of deepening my own connection with Nature, and weaving in holistic tools that engage our hearts and right-brains, I’ve created a unique nature-inspired coaching framework, which I’ve called GROWTH. Here’s a glimpse of key elements of the model:

Ground -What do I need to let go of to build and enrich my soil?

Roots -What’s in my mycelial network, who or what around me can support me?, community, coach or therapist

Observation -What do I sense will grow well here? Which new seeds of ideas, hopes, or intentions are ready for me to plant?

Water -What supports my well-ness? Which deep wellsprings of inner resources can I draw on to keep me hydrated?

Tending -Which practices and routines can I develop, or deepen, to support my ongoing growth?

Harvest -What are the fruits, or outcomes, I wish to gather in?


This model isn’t linear, or especially goal-oriented, but follows a spiral path. As we review what we’re harvesting, we can return to the ground, or soil, and compost any elements that aren’t needed or beneficial.


Who benefits from the GROWTH approach to coaching?


As a spiral-flow, nature-informed model, GROWTH is well suited to you if you’re someone who wants to explore more deeply what’s holding you back in life, what supports and nourishes you, and what the natural world can show you about your possible next steps. Nature is the perfect designer and creator of thriving living ecosystems that support all life on Earth. By letting go of our left-brain dominance (analysing, planning, strategising), learning from Nature, and following natural principles, we can create sustainable designs for our own lives to flourish and thrive. 

I don't work with everyone. I work with clients who are a good match for the values that underpin Being in Nature. The points below may help you decide if this is right for you.


Lean in.....

  • If you're troubled by the state of our world and don't want Business-as-Usual to carry on

  • If you want to do something to really make a difference, but aren't sure yet what that looks like

  • If you lack clarity about your sense of direction or purpose in life

  • If you'd love to serve something bigger than yourself, through your work and/or way of living and being

  • If you know in your heart that deepening connection with Nature is essential for you (and everyone !)


We can begin to explore your concerns, moving through a complete GROWTH spiral in just one session. And six sessions is optimal for working through each stage of the spiral model in turn. The beauty of this approach is that it’s entirely flexible and adaptable to your needs and your budget.


If this resonates with you, and you feel drawn, please book a complimentary session with me, to experience nature-connected coaching for yourself. You can do this via the Get in Touch  or Offerings pages . I'd love to hear from you, if you feel this approach strikes a chord with you.

If you have a Being in Nature Gift Card, please email me to arrange your session before any expiry date on your card.


Warm wishes, 



“I've just had my first nature-based coaching session with Karen and it was a truly wonderful experience for me. During the session, I explored some areas where I seek improvement in my life, and thanks to Karen's guidance I found fresh perspectives on things that I've felt stuck on for a while. After the session I felt lighter, and also energised to take steps to make the improvements I would like to. I really loved Karen's warm and gentle approach and would encourage anyone to try a session." ~ Eliza Christopherson