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Being Together

Something that has sustained me over the last couple of years (apart from being in nature) has been a deepening process of discovery, relating and connection, in a couple of small groups I belong with.

In my current phase of resting and reflection, I’m realising the preciousness and gifts of these small group journeys. These ‘islands of coherence’ have provided safe-enough, brave-enough spaces where I can be fully myself, being heard and witnessed exactly as I am. For me, this has included times of deep distress, shock, grief, intense anxiety, self-doubt, feeling lost and alone, and hopelessness. I’ve also shared moments of joy, gratitude and new insights, which have arisen from these ways of being together.

Although the groups I’m referring to have been meeting for different purposes, they have particular qualities in common. Without having planned, or consciously intended it, I have been learning and practising profoundly new (and ancient) ways of being, belonging and relating with others, which I believe are essential. Especially at a time when we see so much division and turbulence in the world.

How can we fully participate in creating a brighter future for our loved ones, unless we unlearn old (patriarchal) conditioned patterns of separation and learn to connect, communicate and relate from more natural and authentic aspects of our being?

How can we nurture a better balance of masculine and feminine, left-brain/ right-brain, or active and receptive relating and listening, both within and between ourselves?

Here are some of the skills I’ve been developing and practising in my ongoing journey of deep discovery, these last few years:

Slowing down and having time to sense what’s here ~ An important aspect of de